Last month, Bennet Terry was awarded Eagle Scout status with San Luis Obispo's Boy Scout Troop 6.  He is currently a senior at San Luis Obispo High School.  

     Reaching this level in the Boy Scouts of America organization is rare, as it takes time, dedication, hard work, and commitment.  By reaching this status, Bennet has proven that he has all of those wonderful qualities.

     The final step in reaching Eagle Scout status is to complete a community service project.  Bennet chose to design, build, and install a flag donation receptacle, which is located in front of the American Legion, Post 66 in San Luis Obispo, CA.  

     When we learned of Bennet's project, we reached out and offered our help.  Bennet already had his design and was at the build stage of the project.  We were able to help by donating the materials he needed.  He did the rest.

     With the help of younger scouts, family members, and community members like us, this community service project went from an idea to a functioning and from what I hear, a very useful and much needed service.  

     The bin is used for donating old, worn flags which need to be properly and respectfully disposed of.  They are collected on a regular basis and destroyed according to the tradition and honor set forth by our ancestors.  

     Please remember to bring your old and worn flags to the receptacle located in front of the American Legion for proper disposal, and if you run into Bennet don't forget to congratulate him!

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